Welcome to Wio Creations! We are thrilled you’re here! 

Wio and husband at Disney park

My name is Wioland and back in 2018, I started this business as a way to provide creative products that could be easily customized for personal gifts and business swag. 


How the business came to be.

 It all started when I saw an ad for GlowForge. If you are not sure what a GlowForge is, it is  a high-quality laser cutter that can be used to cut materials like wood, plastic, metal, leather, foam, and paper. I decided to take a leap and purchase my very own GlowForge. I am so thankful with the decision because after thousands of items created and sold. I now have a Aeon Nova14 which expands my creativity to new levels. I never imagined it would become the thing I love and that I would get where I am today. I am beyond grateful we have grown into what it is today! 


A little bit about myself and my family.

Wio with family

Currently, I am an active-duty Air Force, and my husband is a retired veteran. We have lived all over the world and currently live in suburbia Phoenix, AZ. With our twin girls Maya and Leila inspiration behind the business and everything else. They keep us very busy. This really has become a family business. The twins love to help (well make messes lol). My daughters are very creative, and they have a great sense of humor. They are very smart, and they are always thinking of ways to make the business better. They are the ones that come up with the ideas. I am just there to make sure that it works out. Every piece we sell is made by us; nothing is pre-made. We sand, stain, cut and hand paint every piece of wood that goes into the signs. No piece will be the same or color will look alike. We offer a variety of other items like tumblers, keychains, acrylic boards, games and more. When we are not working on the business, we love spending time with family in our pool, riding bikes, doing craft, and watching movies! Our family sincerely thank you for supporting our business.