DIY Halloween Paint Kit


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Enjoy all the cute and crafty things of the season! Make it your own by adding color with markers or paint, or by gluing on embellishments like glitter or seed beads for texture. Each pack includes 6 pieces

Have fun painting use them as decoration!

Single Paint Kit includes:

* ONE (1) cut wooden shape pictured

* Choice between mini markers, mini crayons or set of 3 pots filled with acrylic paint

* 1 paint brush

* 1 self-adhesive magnets


Set of 6 DIY Paint Kit! Kit includes:

* 6 (All Pictured) cut wooden shapes

* Choose between Markers, Crayons or set of 6 pots filled with yellow, green, orange, black, white and last color (girl will have pink) (Boy will have blue) acrylic paint

* 2 paint brushes

* 6 self-adhesive magnets for displaying


If you wish different colors, please annotate it or send us a message.


*Girl option, girl has a hair bow