First and Last Day of School Apple Sign


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Perfect first and last day of school sign.
Look back in a few years at each of your kiddo's first and last day of school pictures and see this sign stay the same as they grow bigger!

Sign is 10.5"; apples come with grades level banners Pre-k to 6 grade and they just use velcro to attach to sign. They'll be perfect year after year for all of your kiddos and you'll never have to buy or make another sign again!
Grades 7-12 are separate

Finished and painted as shown unless you have another request!

The wood used on the is “NATURAL” stained or painted wood. Knots, color tones and wood grain will vary from piece to piece and adds to the beauty and originality of the sign. Please note there will be some variation per signs due to the nature of the grain of the wood used. No sign will be the same. Additionally, screen resolutions can sometimes alter how colors look.