Look what my kid made magnet


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Nothing better than having something to display your kids art at home for all to see. Show off your little one’s amazing art with a personalized magnet.

Choose from 3 different designs.


* Cherry plywood
* Magnet Adhered to the back
* Size: 2x1.75 in

This product is a decoration only that should not be left with a child unsupervised. Its intended for display art on a magnetic surface like a refrigerator or magnetic board. Do not hang this product above a crib or anywhere else that it may cause a hazard.

Since these are fully handmade, there may be some imperfections.

The wood used on the frame is “NATURAL CHERRY WOOD”. Knots, color tones and wood grain will vary from piece to piece and adds to the beauty and originality of the sign. Please note there will be some variation per signs due to the nature of the grain of the wood used. No Ornament will be the same. Additionally, screen resolutions can sometimes alter how colors look.