Santa Magic Key


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If you're like me, you house doesn't have a chimney for Santa!

When the kids ask, "Mom, how will Santa get in to leave our presents if we don't have a chimney?"

WITH SANTA'S MAGIC KEY! This provided Santa a way to enter your home on Christmas Eve and is a memorable tradition through the years. Place this door hanger outside your front door for Santa to enter on Christmas Eve and bring your family their goodies this year. The kids will enjoy setting out a magical key just as much as the milk and cookies! This beautiful set can also make a wonderful keepsake ornament.

This is a wooden key with twine attached for hanging.
Key can be also personalized with the kids name or family name.

Materials used: (Depending your selection)
1/8” Birch plywood - Stained/Finished wood
1/8" Walnut Plywood

The wood used on the base is “NATURAL BIRCH and WALNUT”. Knots, color tones and wood grain will vary from piece to piece and adds to the beauty and originality of the sign. Please note there will be some variation per signs due to the nature of the grain of the wood used. No sign will be the same. Additionally, screen resolutions can sometimes alter how colors look.